If you are already a candidate or a designated member of another professional appraisal association and you wish to know what you will have to do to join CNAREA, you can start the process by sending us two residential form type appraisal reports that you have recently completed. These reports must include a cost approach analysis and show GLA and condition adjustments in the sales comparison approach analysis. You should also include a record of all education you have completed. We do not need official transcripts but only a signed and dated list of all courses you have taken. This material will be reviewed and you will be then contacted by telephone and given further details on what will be required for membership with CNAREA.





If you are a resident of Quebec, special regulations may apply for designation with CNAREA.

You must be a member of the ATEFQ (your membership fee will be paid by CNAREA once you are a CNAREA member). To obtain the DAR professional designation if you have completed the technicians appraiser education program, you will also have to complete the following courses, have completed a minimum of 6 months actual appraisal experience supervised by a CNAREA Supervisor, and successfully complete the DAR final examination.

Mandatory Courses:

1.5 C Introduction To Income Property Appraising
1.8 Appraisal Practice Procedures
4.3A Sales Comparison Adjustment Methods
4.3R Residential Appraisal Report Writing
5.0A Professional Standards Review (USPAP)
6.5 Appraiser Ethics
6.7 The Cost Approach For Residential Properties

If you have not completed the technicians appraiser educational program, you will have to still be a member of the ATEFQ and then complete all of the normal CNAREA educational and examination requirements  to attain the DAR professional designation.

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