18 May 2017

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17 May 2017 

CNAREA 25TH ANNIVERSARY CONVENTION – Convention full – Registration Closed

May 31, 2017 – June 3, 2017

Parksville, BC

Nomination Form

Proxy Form







9 May 2017

Effective April 27th, 2017 Mr. Steven G. Coull has resigned his position as Director, on the Board of Directors of CNAREA.

We all want to thank Steve for his service to the Association over the years, and wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


Rob MacDonald

DAR-Certified Appraisal Reviewer/IFA

CEO – Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers





5 May 2017

Attention ALL MEMBERS:                                                                          

The deadline for submission of your 2017-2018 Membership Renewal has passed. (May 01)  Please submit your completed renewal package and forward it as soon as possible. 

If you do not submit your complete package by the end of the day today, we cannot guarantee that your insurance will be renewed in time for the June 01, 2017 membership year.

Renewal forms are available at under Existing Members Renewal Forms for 2017 – 2018.  There is a check sheet there as well, to assist in correctly completing your renewal package.

Please submit your renewal package right away so that your ability to continue to work after June 01 is not affected!



Rob MacDonald – CEO










1 May 2017


Just a quick reminder to all members that your Insurance Renewal application, Criminal Record Check, Background Declaration form and payment information are due at our office today Monday May 1, 2017, to allow time for processing.  We cannot process anything until we have received all of the forms listed above.  Only 54% have come in so far.  For the Criminal Record Check if you are trying to use the link that was emailed to you, it has expired so please use this link Criminal Background Check 









20 March 2017


You are now able to fill out (type) all registration forms online then save and email them to  All registrations are now done using the registration forms only.







1 March 2017


This year six (6) positions for Director are open on the Board of Directors with 8 members currently nominated. The election will take place on June 2, 2017, during the Annual General Meeting. The position of President is not being voted on this year, our current President, Jim Carty will be beginning the second year of a two year term.

The President will appoint a Vice President, a Treasurer, and a Secretary from the elected Directors, following the AGM, at the Annual Board of Directors Meeting.

All nominees, together with a brief bio will be posted under Coming Events up to and including May 27, 2017. After that date they will not be included on this page. However, nominations will be accepted up to and including June 2, 2017, during the Annual General Meeting. Nominations can be submitted to the Administration Office using the proper “nomination form”.  Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the AGM.


Robert Fraser




Nominating Committee






Michel Beaudoin

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer, Certified Instructor

Michel has been a member since 2005 and presently operates a large appraisal services company in the Montreal area. He has served as Director since 2012 and is one of the present Vice Presidents of CNAREA. He is also Chair of the Quebec Affairs Ad Hoc Committee and further serves on the Professional Standards Committee. He has been directly involved with the development of the CNAREA contract with the ATEFQ and has been an important part of the acceptance of CNAREA courses with the CEGEP Colleges in Quebec. He was awarded Member of the Year in 2013.



Brad Cable

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer

Brad Cable is a DAR and Certified Appraisal Reviewer.  As a member of CNAREA since 2010, Brad operates Great West Appraisal with appraisers servicing Southern British Columbia and the Rocky Mountains of Alberta.  Brad also owns appRazr, a mobile application that combines order management and site data collection.  Brad has been a CNAREA board member since 2016.



Johnathan Carty


Johnathan joined CNAREA in 2011 and is a DAR / Certified Appraisal Reviewer with CNAREA working on his Instructors Certification while serving as National Secretary on your Board of Directors. He is also a Personal Property Appraiser with the Canadian Personal Property Appraiser Group. He has been working with Carty Appraisals based in Winchester Ontario for the past 5 years covering most of Eastern Ontario. He has extensive experience was in the banking world, home renovation industry, sales / international marketing and distribution.





Stefan Epstein

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer, Certified Instructor

Stefan has been a member of CNAREA since 2007 and currently holds the DAR and Certified Appraisal Reviewer designations. Stefan is a Certified Instructor and has been teaching CNAREA courses for the last 18 months. Stefan is a partner in an appraisal firm servicing the Greater Toronto Area and has been in the appraisal industry for over 13 years specializing in rural, unique, and waterfront properties




Robert MacDonald

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer, Certified Instructor 

Rob Joined CNAREA in 2008. He was elected to the Board of Directors in 2014 and was appointed National Secretary for 2105/2016. He became the Chief Executive Officer of CNAREA in 2107. He also serves on the Membership & Admissions Committee and the Education Committee. He is a Certified Instructor and teaches a variety of CNAREA courses.




Louise McGee

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer

Louise owns and operates Palmer Appraisals Ltd., a residential property appraisal company headquartered in Victoria, BC opened by her father more than 25 years ago. Louise bought the family business from him when he retired 15 years ago. With 18 years’ experience, she oversees a contract staff of 5 appraisers covering much of Vancouver Island, focusing on exceptional customer service and quality reporting.

Louise is married with two children and is active in the Victoria business community and in the arts and local sports as a ballet and soccer mom.




Robert Ouimet

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer, Certified Instructor

Robert is from Brossard QC.  Having an interest in architecture, construction and market value of buildings inspired Robert to become an appraiser 1979. Today, Robert and is owns and operates an appraisal company that provides services in the Montreal and Quebec City areas. Robert in an active participant in this industry as well, having been a member of CNAREA and multiple associations for many years. He is also dedicated to sharing is knowledge, giving his time to teach and train students wanting to pursue and appraisal career.  He has authored a CNAREA course and has been instrumental in the process of gaining acceptance of CNAREA courses with the CEGEP’s in Quebec. He was also a critically important part of the Association’s contract with the ATEFQ and was awarded Member of the Year in 2013.




Andre Paris

DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer










12 December 2016



CNAREA 25th Anniversary Emblem Design Competition Winner Announced.

CNAREA is pleased to announce that Suresh Sellathurai from Pickering ON., has submitted the winning design for our 25th Anniversary.  As such he has won a framed version of the design, and free 2017 CNAREA Membership ($700 Value).

The winning design will be incorporated into several items used by the Association throughout the upcoming year. 

The Board of Directors want to thank all those who made submissions for the competition, with 22 designs being received in total.









9 December 2016

In recent months, our members have seen an increase in requests from AMC & Lenders, for Stand-Alone Market Rent Reports.

We have been in conversation with some of our members about the format of these reports, and thanks to Mike Chekaluk (DAR-Certified Appraisal Reviewer), of Cityline Appraisals Inc., we now have templates available for use.  There are both REPORT-PRO and CLICKFORM templates completed and Mike has graciously agreed to allow our members to use the templates he created.  If you have clients that use other formats, you will need to create something for that format. 

We want to remind everyone that a Stand-Alone Market Rent report, is an opinion of value, and therefore is an appraisal.  The report, as well as your research must comply with the USPAP Standards #1 and #2.

If you have any questions, please contact Rob MacDonald at CNAREA.

Clickform Template

Report Pro Template









31 October 2016




As of October 25, 2016,  all applicants for Candidate Member must  include a documented criminal background check with their application.

All existing Candidate Members, and designated members must provide a documented criminal background check by June 1, 2017.

CNAREA has arranged with a provider for all members to obtain a criminal background check for a cost of $30.00 and can be organized by going to the following link:

Criminal Background Check 


If you require any further information please contact the Chief Executive Officer by telephone, toll free at 888-399-3366.












If you are completing the following types of valuation assignments please note that we now have new report formats available for each.  You must make your own templates for each of these report formats and the templates must be EXACTLY as indicated.

The new report formats have been added to the course book for course #4.3R and are also available from the National Office.

Contact the CEO for any further Information.


DRIVE BY appraisal assignments
DESKTOP appraisal assignments
DRIVE BY for foreclosure appraisal assignments







7 June 2016


When completing residential appraisal assignments that include a subject property that is legally leased, in part or in whole.

It is a USPAP requirement that you must include in your report a summary and analysis of the applicable current lease. This summary should include, at a minimum, the lease dates, the rental amount with details of what is included in the rent, and if subleasing is permitted or not.








19 September 2015


Lenders and AMC’s have recently been requesting a “ Market Rent Estimate” and supplying a very brief form to be completed as part of the assignment.

Please be aware that to provide any estimate of market rental rates would require that you complete an appraisal and subsequent appraisal report.

Refer to the USPAP, page 285, Frequently Asked Question #161 stated in part:

“USPAP defines an appraisal as an opinion of value, and market rent is an expression of value for the right to use a property. Therefore, to comply with the USPAP [in this type of rental rate assignment] an appraiser would have to follow STANDARD 1 to develop the opinion of market rent, and STANDARD 2 to report the assignment results.”

This means that if you include an estimate of market rent in an appraisal assignment covering a specific property, this would be in compliance with the USPAP.

However, if you are requested to estimate the market rent as a stand alone assignment, you cannot comply with such a request without completing an appraisal, as stated in the USPAP. You cannot use just the one page forms now being requested as they are not USPAP compliant.

If you need any clarification on this issue please contact the CEO and the Administration Office.





17 March 2015


There is growing evidence of an increasing number of incidences of the sales, or front end, of numerous lenders becoming focused on getting the “right value”, resulting in appraiser influencing accompanied by an escalating number of complaints against appraisers from  AMC’s and various lenders.

While this is by no means a new phenomenon, we are noticing a significant rise in the occurrence of such influencing and complaints, across the country. As experienced from both the appraiser and the AMC, the basis of complaints of this nature, originate from the sales side of the lenders and are more often founded on frustration, on the part of the sales staff, from not receiving the value that they require to make a specific deal work. The resulting complaints are now being framed as undesirable appraiser behaviour with the lender’s client at the time of the property viewing. Some sales representatives have become well versed at disguising a value complaint as an appraiser behaviour issue and then proceed to remove the appraiser from the lenders approved list. They then align themselves with only appraisers who they can manipulate to obtain the values they require to make the loan.

Your Association is taking steps to help you, our members, with this situation of appraiser influence. We have created an appraiser assignment log so you can record all aspects of the appraisal process, including client behaviour, from the exact time the appraisal order was received, through the time the viewing appointment was made, to a record of any actual comments made by either or  both the home owner and the lender’s representative at the time of the property viewing.

We strongly recommend this assignment tracking record to become part of your workfile.

Go to  APPRAISAL DOCUMENTS and look for   assignment tracking record