Section 12-1

The bylaws of the Association may be repealed or amended by the Board of Directors, in compliance with ARTICLE 12 of these Bylaws, at a meeting of the Board of Directors called for, amongst other things, the purpose of considering said bylaws.


Section 12-2

Any Board of Directors meeting which considers any change or amendment to the bylaws of the Association must be announced to the membership at least thirty one (31) days in advance, and is open for attendance to any voting member in good standing of the Association.


Section 12-3

A complete description, in writing, of all proposed changes and or amendments must be made available to any of the membership upon request from the National Office of the Association, in writing, by facsimile, or by e mail.


Section 12-4

The vote taken for any change and or amendment of the bylaws, at a Board of Directors meeting, shall be by private ballot and shall include any voting member in good standing of the Association who is present at the meeting and who wishes to participate in the vote, and by proxy vote.


Section 12-5

Any change and or amendment to the bylaws must be confirmed by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of votes cast at a Board of Directors meeting that has been duly warned to the general membership.


Section 12-6

Changes to the Bylaws of the Association, that do not change the intent and are made only to clarify, do not require the approval or a vote of the membership.


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