Definitions and interpretations

a)  “appraiser”  (real estate appraiser, real property appraiser) means a member in good standing who holds the professional designation DAR or DAC.

b)  “member in good standing” means any person holding the professional designation AM, CM, DAR, DAC, CMAR, DRP, and or Certified Appraisal Reviewer who has paid the appropriate membership dues and is current with the respective mandatory continuing education requirements.

Section 6-1

Membership is limited to persons engaged in, or desiring to become engaged in, the appraisal profession, related activities to the appraisal profession, or have an interest in the appraisal profession.

Section 6-2

Basic membership in the Association, at any membership level, requires as a minimum that all persons be of legal age, of good character, hold a high school graduation certificate at the university entrance level, and not have a criminal record.

All members must have proficient use of the English or French languages in speech, reading ability, and written communication.

Section 6-3

Applicants for appraiser membership must be committed to undertake professional appraisal training and development leading to a professional appraisal designation.

Section 6-4

It is mandatory for all Candidates to apply for advancement to the designation of DAR or DAC as soon as they have completed the requirements and qualifications for that designation.

Section 6-5

All members shall be deemed to have agreed to accept and abide by the Bylaws and the Code of Ethics of the Association, and any amendments thereof, upon signing the membership application form or upon the payment of the annual dues to the Association. Proof of a member’s agreement to abide by the Bylaws and Code of Ethics of the Association is considered to be the member’s signing of the member’s membership application and therefore the signature indicated on that membership application, or the payment of the annual dues to the Association.

Section 6-6

To hold any membership within the Association, an individual is required to have their application approved by the Chief Executive Officer and their dues paid for the current membership period.

Section 6-7

Any member, may at any time, voluntarily withdraw from the Association by advising the Chief Executive Officer in writing of their desire to do so, and or by not paying the appropriate membership dues when required.

Section 6-8

Membership is held on an annual basis running from June 1 to May 31 of the following year.

Section 6-9

Any member who has not paid the prescribed annual dues by midnight May 31 of any membership year will be deemed to no longer be a member and will no longer have any membership rights as stated in these Bylaws.

Section 6-10

All designated appraiser members, including all Candidate Members, of the Association must personally carry errors and omissions insurance and or professional liability insurance.


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