The Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers is a national, not-for-profit Corporation in Canada that educates and certifies Real Property Appraisers across the country.  It was established over 25 years ago, to provide an effective membership-oriented organization of professional real property appraisers based on their academic qualifications, training and practical experience.  We have active members throughout the country, and our Professional Designations (DAR™, DAC™, Certified Appraisal Reviewer™) are recognized and accepted by all national banks, mortgage lenders, and mortgage insurers.

The DAR™ (Designated Appraiser Residential) is granted to individuals who have a demonstrated level of field experience and capabilities in conjunction with having successfully completed a comprehensive education program.  The education program is comprised of several online courses, as well as some self-study courses, with materials generated by several international publishers, as well as CNAREA specific materials.  DAR™ Designated members are qualified to provide valuations on residential properties containing four or fewer self-contained living units, vacant land valuations, and can meet a wide variety of client needs including; Current, Prospective or Retrospective opinions of value.

The DAC™ (Designated Appraiser Commercial) is granted to individuals who have achieved the DAR™ Designation, and have a completed the required educational program, and acquired sufficient field experience to fulfill the professional requirements of CNAREA.  DAC™ Designated Appraisers are qualified to provide valuations on all real property types, including residential properties.

Members holding the professional Designation of Certified Appraisal Reviewer™ are DAR™ or DAC™ designated members who have achieved a higher level of training and certification in Appraisal Review.  These members are qualified to author either Field or Technical Appraisal Review Reports on all types of Appraisal Reports.

All CNAREA members must adhere to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).  All members are required to complete a Continuing Education program, completing a minimum of 28 hours of CE every 2 years, and all members must carry Errors and Omissions Insurance.

The CANADIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION of REAL ESTATE APPRAISERS is a self supporting organization with an elected and appointed Board of Directors. The Board is elected and appointed by the membership on an annual basis. A majority of Board members must be independent fee appraisers.

Administration at CNAREA

The Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers has a proud team of dedicated professionals, here to help you.

Board of Directors

We are a team of dedicated professionals, helping you grow your business.

As of September 21, 2023 the following make up the Board of Directors:

Head Office

National Board of Directors

  • James Carty

    DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer, IFA

  • Gerhardt Klann

    Vice President
    DAC Certified Appraisal Reviewer

  • Robert Ouimet

    National Director
    DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer

  • Kim Noble

    National Director
    DAC Certified Appraisal Reviewer

  • Stefan Epstein

    National Director
    DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer

  • Johnathan Carty

    National Director
    DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer

  • Louise McGee

    National Director
    DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer

  • Michel Beaudoin

    Quebec Affairs
    DAR Certified Appraisal Reviewer

  • Molly Orman

    Appointed Director
    ASA Representative

  • Derrick Leue

    Appointed Director

    Associate Member

The Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers maintains membership in the following organizations:

  • Mortgage Professionals Canada (formerly CAAMP)
  • Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – Ontario (CMBA – Ontario)
  • Canadian Mortgage Brokers Association – BC (CMBA – BC)
  • Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA)

Approved Educators

  • ASA
  • IAAO
  • CERC
  • RECA
  • IRWA

Clients Served

  • Alberta Treasury Branches
  • BMO Bank of Montreal
  • Bridgewater Bank
  • BDC
  • Canada Guaranty
  • CIBC
  • City of Ottawa
  • CMHC
  • CMLS Financial
  • Coastal Community Credit Union
  • Department of National Defense
  • Department of Public Works, Nova Scotia
  • Equitable Bank
  • EXCEED Mortgage
  • FNF Canada
  • First National
  • Home Loans Canada
  • Home Trust
  • HSBC
  • ICICI Bank Canada
  • Manulife Bank of Canada
  • MCAP
  • Ministry Of Transport, Province of Ontario
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Nationwide Appraisal Services (NAS)
  • Petrocan
  • RBC
  • Sagen
  • Scotiabank
  • Solidifi
  • Street Capital
  • TD Canada Trust
  • Various Credit Unions

CNAREA is a national, not for profit, independent association in Canada.

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