Announcement – CNA200 USPAP Update Course

We are excited to announce that the CNA200 USPAP Update course will be available to Members in the New Year. This mandatory update will cover the latest changes to USPAP pertinent to our appraisal practices including:

  • Changes to the USPAP Ethics Rule
  • Changes to USPAP Standards
  • Revisions to Advisory Opinions
  • Changes to USPAP definitions and terms
  • An overview of appraiser bias and discrimination
  • Current appraisal issues and their relevant USPAP references
  • Advisory notes on Consulting Assignments, Market Rents and other relevant challenges pertinent to the current environment

Members will have access to this self-study course on January 1, 2024, and must complete the program by February 29, 2024. It is noted that the structure of the USPAP documents has changed for the current cycle. Historically, the USPAP and the Guidance and Reference Manual (GRM) were considered one document. For the 2024 USPAP, the documents have been separated and must be purchased individually for an increased price. Both documents will be provided to Members upon course registration. As a result, the cost of this course has increased and is $375 plus tax. Registration details will be sent out shortly to Members.