Announcement – Education Enhancements


Education Enhancements

Date: August 3, 2023

To: All Members

As you are all aware, the appraisal industry is experiencing unprecedented change. Key to the success of our Association during this change is the educational component of our designation.

With the industry shift in mind and input from ongoing program reviews, we have some exciting announcements concerning upcoming education enhancements that will continue to propel CNAREA forward during the extraordinary times we face.

First is our continued focus on the DAC program and encouraging members to proceed through the updated educational path to obtain this designation. Most recently, we have developed a committee of DAC members to help evolve DAC requirements and administration. Their expertise and guidance will ensure that program growth and development consider the needs specific to this specialization of our Association.

Second is our review of the recertification program. Our goal is to refocus delivery to present our members with timely, market-related issues and concerns, and ensure we provide a big picture view of the overall industry. Within this remodelled delivery, we encourage members to use the open forum and engage in genuine dialogue to deepen their understanding of best practices and industry trends.

By adjusting our educational focus, we ensure the Association remains relevant in this ever-changing industry and equip our members to better tackle real-world challenges. We look forward to sharing more about these educational advancements in the coming months.