Associate Membership Update

November 18, 2020

Associate Membership Announcement

The following announcement is with respect to the Associate Membership (AM) level. As defined in the By-Laws:

Associate membership encompasses all persons who meet the basic membership requirements and who have an interest in the appraisal profession or work with professional appraisers, but are not engaged in fee appraisal assignments and are not intending to become an appraiser.

Given the core of our education is for members that are either actively working in the appraisal profession or are seeking to work as an appraiser we are updating the courses AM’s are eligible to enroll in.

Effective immediately Associate Members are eligible to take the following courses:

  • CNA101 Introduction to Real Estate Appraising
  • CNA102 Introduction to Appraisal Standards
  • CNA103 Introduction to the Fundamentals of Market Data

Associate Members that wish to transfer their AM level to a Candidate level must have their course progress reviewed to determine what courses they can transfer over and what courses will be required to keep their training up to date and to better prepare them for the DAR exam. These members also must meet all of the criteria to become a Candidate or Candidate Non-Fee member.

Should you have any questions please contact Rob MacDonald at 888.399.3366 Ext.2 or Kevin Lonsdale at 888.399.3366 Ext.3.