Boot Camp for New Candidate Members

Members who can register: All New Candidate Members (Fee and Non-Fee)

*Currently being revised. Updated information will be posted once available.*

*All CM & CM Non-Fee members will be required to register for Boot Camp within 18 months of becoming a member, to stay current with their education and stay a member in good standing. The following courses will be condensed and included in Boot Camp over a span of a week and a half, and no longer offered as individual courses: CNA201, CNA202, CNA203, CNA204, CNA205.*

  • A $500 non-refundable deposit is required upon registration
  • You will receive the course material for Boot Camp via email prior to the course start date
  • Students must attend and participate in all the Zoom sessions, complete all assigned quizzes/assignments, and pass an online examination to receive credit for completing Boot Camp
  • Students must have a calculator, access to Zoom, working camera and audio. *Will not be permitted to attend the remainder of Boot Camp if no audio and/or video. Credit or refunds will not be given.*
  • Keep an eye our for the next scheduled Boot Camp in our Events Calendar and register early when it’s available! Sells out quick and limited space available.

Have CNA102 (USPAP) and CNA101 (Introduction to Real Estate Appraising) completed prior to the first day of Boot Camp.

What is the benefit of Boot Camp and what is included with the price of Boot Camp?

  1. A discounted cost for our courses, of $2,100 (the $500 deposit will come off of the $2,100).
  2. The balance ($1,600) is invoiced via PayPal, and due within two weeks of the date sent, in four equal payments over four months. (Instalment schedule available within the event in the events calendar.) *This eases the financial pressure, instead of paying up front for all the courses.* (taxes added at checkout and on each invoice.)
  3. CNA101 (assigned to your E-Course User Profile *textbook is mailed, instructions and course material emailed*)
    **If Boot Camp is unavailable at the time you become a member, you can order CNA101 separately, which will reduce your grand total for Boot Camp to $1,100 ($1,600 minus the $500 deposit).**
  4. Completion of our Core courses: CNA201, CNA202, CNA203, CNA204 & CNA205 *This will help fast track your education so you can be Designated (DAR) sooner than later.***2 years field work as a CM with your Reviewer is still required, as well as the completion of the remainder of our education, before you can challenge the DAR exam**