June 22, 2021

Change to Requirements for Supervising a Single Candidate Member

At a Special Meeting of the CNAREA Membership, a proposed change to the Definition of a Supervisor (for a Single Candidate Member) was approved by the Membership.

The newly accepted definition is:

Article 6 – (2. A) “Supervisor” of a single Candidate Member means an appraiser member in good standing who holds the professional designations of the association, DAR or DAC and has a minimum of two (2) years’ experience as a designated appraiser.

This new definition of a qualified Supervisor of a single Candidate Member includes the requirement for the Supervisor to be a Designated Appraiser for at least 2 years, be a Member in Good Standing, which includes being current on their education requirements, and successfully complete an on-line course (approx. 4 hrs) prior to supervising a single Candidate Member.  (This course will be available to members by Mid-August 2021)

A Designated Member wishing to begin supervising a Candidate Member must request permission from CNAREA, submit 3 recently completed Appraisal Reports to be reviewed, and register for the required course prior to being approved to supervise a single Candidate Member.

The normal requirements of a supervising appraiser remain unchanged, including geographical competence in the market the Candidate Member is operating in.

Yours Truly,

Robert T. MacDonald


Certified Appraisal Reviewer

Chief Executive Officer

Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers