CNA207 – Advanced Case Studies

This 2 (two) day course has been designed to teach residential appraisers the valuation of complex residential properties. It focuses on problem solving techniques for appraising residential properties that consist of more than just a single family residence. The course includes a recap of valuation fundamentals along with many practical case studies. Students must pass an examination to receive a certificate of completion.


• Recognizing the challenging assignment
• Increased scope of work
• Foundational concepts and principles
• Highest and best use
• Value conclusions
• Value reconciliation and reporting
• Adjusting for market conditions and location
• Valuing over improved properties
• Case studies

Course Material:
Textbook: “1.4 Advance Residential Applications & Case Studies”

By: Timothy Detty, Certified General Appraiser, AQB-Certified USPAP Instructor

Special notes and materials: James Vincent Latteri, IFAS, DAC, Certified Appraisal Reviewer

Course Credit Hours: 16

• CNA101 Introduction to Real Estate Appraising
• CNA103 Introduction to the Fundamentals of Market Data

This course is mandatory for the DAR designation and should be completed by the end of the third year of being a member