CNA310 – Certified Appraisal Reviewer Program

This course is designed to give appraisers the knowledge and skills required to become Certified Appraisal Reviewers. The course is a mix of self-study, as well as a 2 day, in-class session designed to teach appraisers how to complete an Appraisal Review Report, as well as the roles and responsibilities of being a Supervisor for a Candidate Member.


• Introduction to Appraisal Review
• Appraisal Review and the USPAP (Standard #3)
• Reviewing Appraisal Reports
• Writing an Appraisal Review Report (USPAP Standard #4 – 2018)
• USPAP Standard #3
• How the Sales Grid works
• Viewing Consistency between the 3 Approaches to Value
• Roles and Responsibilities of being a Supervisor
• Case Studies for Reviewers
• Case Studies for Supervisors
• In-class exams – Both texts, as well as submission of a report as a Supervisor, and as a Reviewer

Course Material:

• “Residential Appraisal Review”
• “Supervising the Appraiser Trainee”

By: Hondros Learning

Various case studies.

Course Credit Hours: 24

16= 2 days in class
6 = Prework using “Residential Appraisal Review” textbook
2 = Independent study between classroom days

Prerequisite: You have held the DAR or DAC or equivalent Professional Designation for no less than 2 years.

Once you are a Certified Reviewer, you will be required to complete CNA310, as a refresher, every 4 (four) years. You will be able to incorporate the required CNA210 along with this course. (Example: CNA310 is now completed, two years later CNA210 must be completed, two years later CNA310 must be completed, and so on.)