CNA101 – Introduction to Real Estate Appraising

This correspondence course provides a comprehensive introduction to the valuation of real property. Valuation theory related to both residential and commercial property is covered, as well as the practical applications of all factors affecting value and real property valuation. The appraisal process is presented in detail with class members solving valuation problems using a participation manual (PDF) and textbook.


• Value defined and classified
• Factors that create and affect value
• Principles of real estate
• Construction types
• Highest and best use
• The appraisal process
• Data collection
• Valuation approaches
• Report writing
• Site valuation
• Quizzes & Final Exam

  • Course credit hours: 45
  • Students must pass an online examination to receive credit for completing this course.

Course Material:

Textbook: “Principles of Residential Appraisal”, Basic Appraisal Principles
By: Calvin W. Moye, IFAS, CALMO Realty Services, Inc.

Downloadable links:

  • Instructions
  • Participant Manual 1.1 *The Participant Manual opens as a PDF document. You will need Adobe Reader to open it.*

eCourse: quizzes & final exam

  • the course material will appear in the ‘Downloads’ within your Account Dashboard online.
  • the quizzes and exam will be in your E-Course User Profile
  • This course is mandatory for the DAR designation and should be completed within the first four months of being a member.

Prerequisite: None