Course Description

CNA142 – Introduction to Residential Construction is a self-study correspondence course designed to:

  • Teach the basics of residential construction, manufactured housing construction, and subdivisions.
  • Review construction from site preparation through completion.
  • Identify major components of a house, including building materials and mechanical systems.
  • Reveal ‘red flags’ that are discernible to appraisers when inspecting a home for a listing, sale, or valuation.
  • Describe how physical and functional issues in houses affect value.

This mandatory course is to be completed by Candidate Members at anytime and before they can challenge the DAR exam.

Course Materials

Textbook: Basic Construction Refresher By: McKissock Learning

Course instructions are in the Downloads section of Dashboard when logging into CNAREA Account.

Technology Requirements

Members are required to have the following equipment and technologies:

  • Working computer (or other such device)
  • Dual monitor set-up (recommended)
  • Up-to-date web browser – and a working knowledge of the program
  • Up-to-date PDF reader – and a working knowledge of the program

Course Fee: $500 CAD plus tax

PrerequisitesCNA100 – Introduction to Appraisal Standards (USPAP)