CNA202 – Residential Cost Approach

This 2 (two) day course is a comprehensive look at the cost approach to value. It includes basic cost approach theory and principles along with all aspects of depreciation. All methods of land valuation are explained in detail. Instruction in the use of the Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Manual includes two actual case studies that are completed by the student in class.


• Principle of the cost approach
• Definitions
• Why Estimate Cost
• Sales comparison in the cost approach
• The three elements of the cost approach
• Land valuation
• Depreciation
• Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Manual
• Case studies

Course Material:
Textbook: “Residential Site Valuation & Cost Approach”

By: Hondros Learning

Students must bring a financial calculator to class and be proficient in its use.

Course Credit Hours: 16

Prerequisite: CNA101 Introduction to Real Estate Appraising

This course is mandatory for the DAR designation and should be completed by the end of the second year of being a member.