CNA206 – Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis

This 2 (two) day course instructs residential appraisers in the practice of statistics, real estate finance, and valuation modeling. The course includes basic principles and terminology along with terms of financing and realistic examples. It provides insight into the science of appraisal and shows the importance of statistics in the appraisal process. Students must pass an examination to receive a certificate of completion.


• Definitions
• Sampling techniques
• Calculating range, variance, and standard deviation
• Coefficient of variance
• Understanding distribution
• Modeling, equation, and formula
• Understanding AVMs
• Monetary policy
• Interest rates and mortgage payments

Course Material:
Textbook: “Statistics, Modeling & Finance”

By: Hondros Learning

Students must bring a financial calculator to class and be proficient in its use.

Course Credit Hours: 16

Prerequisite: CNA101 Introduction to Real Estate Appraising

This course is mandatory for the DAR designation and should be completed by the end of the third year of being a member.