CNA222 – Banking Fundamentals

This 4 hour in-class elective course is designed to give the student a look at banking in Canada with an emphasis on regulation, credit products, the credit process, the sales culture, and how these affect appraisers.


• Overview of banking in Canada – A look at the regulatory structure in Canada as well as the various regulatory bodies.

• Branch Structure – We discuss how branches have evolved over the years and what will they look like in the future.

• Credit Products overview – We take a look and discuss the wide range of credit products offered by Canadian banks.

• The Credit Process – In this section the credit process is examined in-depth and each of the “5 C’s of Credit” is reviewed. Elements of the credit process such as debt service calculation, income confirmation, credit history, and security or collateral are covered.

• Non-Borrowing Products & Services – This includes a review of Mutual Funds and Creditor Insurance.

• Where are we Today? – The current regulatory environment and the affects on the mortgage industry, the emergence of AMC’s, and the importance of KYC for appraisers.

• Sales, Service, and Advice – The sales culture in banking and the mortgage industry

Course Material:
Workbook: “CNA222 Introduction to Canadian Banking”


Prerequisite: None

Course Credit Hours: 4

This is an elective course.