Designated Appraisal Residential (DAR) Extended

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Welcome to the Designated Appraisal Residential (DAR) Final Exam.

In the eCourse Content below, you will find 7 Exams.

Your time for each exam begins when you click Start Exam. You may complete each exam in any order. HOWEVER, once you begin any exam you must complete it within the allotted time. If you leave an exam your answers will reset, but the time spent will be counted. The times allotted for each section are listed below, and will be displayed in a timer at the top of each exam page.

Each question must be answered in order to advance to the next question. You are able to go back to revise an answer to a question if you wish, before you complete that exam.

  • Section #1 – General Principles has 50 questions. Time allotted: 70 minutes.
  • Section #2 – Site Valuation and Cost Approach has 15 questions. Time allotted: 40 minutes.
  • Section #3 – Sales Comparison Approach – 20 questions. Time allotted: 40 minutes.
  • Section #4 – Income Approach is 5 questions. Time allotted: 30 minutes.
  • Section #5 – USPAP – 10 questions. Time allotted: 30 minutes.
  • Section #6 – Case Studies – 3 Case Studies. Time allotted: 90 minutes.
  • Section #7 – is a Feedback form you must complete at the conclusion of the exam.

REMEMBER: Each exam will automatically end and submit when the time expires. Be sure to complete each exam to your satisfaction before you finish an exam and move on to the next, or before your time expires.

Click on any exam below to get to the next page that has your Start Exam option.

Good Luck!