CoVid-19 Awareness Update# 6

Recommend Against Interior Inspections

Good Afternoon:

With the widening of the spread of the Co-Vid 19 Virus across the country, the announcing of States of Emergency in most Canadian jurisdictions, and deepening of ‘lock-down’ situations, we felt we should provide our members with the following recommendation:

At this time and until the Co-Vid 19 Crisis passes CNAREA is recommending that no Members carry out interior viewings of properties. 

As we have noted in previous communications over the last 4 weeks, you are still able to complete Appraisal Report (full appraisals) assignments, using information obtained from various credible sources, including the occupants of the dwelling, MLS listings, Assessment Information Systems, etc. This will require more extensive interviews of the occupant to try to obtain the most information possible, in order to form your opinion of value.  If you are able (and permitted by the authorities) you may still want to view the exterior of the dwelling.

Please ensure your reports meet your obligations under the USPAP, clearly state the source(s) of your data, and include any necessary descriptions, explanations, comments, Extraordinary Assumptions, and Hypothetical Conditions.

Several Provinces have announced locked-down situations beginning as early as this evening.  We are working with Lenders and Provincial Regulators to determine the extent of the lock-down as it affects our members.  We will continue to update our members as new information becomes available.

As of the end of business tomorrow, Tuesday March 24, we will be temporarily closing our office.  We have made arrangements with our IT Staff, and we will be fully operational while working from home, however your patience will be appreciated.

Your personal health and safety is our prime concern, please take the necessary steps to ‘Flatten the Curve’, protect your family, and the public.  STAY SAFE.


Robert MacDonald

DAC/Certified Appraisal Reviewer/ASA