Covid-19 Update – Virtual Inspections

As parts of the country begin to make plans to ease some of the Covid-19 restrictions we still see some locations where infections continue to advance.  During this time of uncertainty of what our new normal will be as we emerge from the current situation, we are still looking for new ways to service your clients by providing credible, timely valuations.

Various groups across the valuation industry have developed some new tools to help you in your appraisal business, and we wanted to pass along some information to you.  You may find these helpful in gathering information on the subject property, so that you can stay safe and continue to provide professional opinions of value to your clients.

Although the industry continues to evolve, with new tools and initiatives coming out weekly, here are three products that we have become aware of that may help you.  Please check these out and see if one of them fits your business model and consider adding them to your toolbox.


ANOW has introduced a product known as: anow walkthrough™. “An easy breezy homeowner inspection tool, designed to help appraisers when they cannot get inside a property”


Bradford Technologies has developed a tool being marketed at OnSight™ “Keeping appraisers safe in uncertain times.”


AppRazr has developed a tool called PropertySpecReport“This app is changing the appraisal industry”.



It is of particular note that AppRazr has been developed by one of our own members, Brad Cable DAR-Certified Appraisal Reviewer.

Help your business, and your clients by checking out these products and see which one best fits your business model.  Let’s continue to support each other through the Covid-19 Crisis.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Rob MacDonald

DAC-Certified Appraisal Reviewer, ASA