Covid Announcement – December 21, 2020

December 21, 2020

To All members,

As you are aware Governments, at all levels, as well as local Health Authorities are once again tightening restrictions due to a significant increase in cases of COVID-19. Many jurisdictions across the country are experiencing severe pressure on hospitals which is creating issues for the entire health system.

A consistent message that is coming from governments and health authorities is that no one should be entering a home if they are not part of the household. This message cannot be put any more simply. “If you don’t live there, you shouldn’t be there!”

As such we are reiterating that all members must adhere to what their local authorities are emphatically stating.

The appraisal industry has adapted to the changes brought on by COVID-19 with lenders and AMC’s accepting “modified full-appraisals” and requesting Drive-by or Desktop type Restricted Appraisal reports more often.  Should any stakeholder issue a request that is counter to public health guidelines then please advise the CNAREA office immediately.

We believe that Real Property Appraisers are covered under ‘essential service’ legislation, and as such can continue to work, by modifying their practices to comply with local health authority restrictions and guidelines, including the understanding that you should NOT be entering residences to obtain photos and other information.

If you have any questions please contact Rob MacDonald at 888.399.3366 Ext 2 or Kevin Lonsdale at 888.399.3366 Ext 3.