Cyber Breach Announcement

January 2020

We wish to provide you with a notice regarding an information security incident which occurred at our offices in 97 Hannah Court, Belleville, Ontario.

During the Fall 2019, we were the subject of a ransomware attack which encrypted some of our computer systems. Threat actors utilized a malware variant to infect our computer systems and encrypt files on the affected servers. This type of an attack is commonly referred to as ransomware attack.

As soon as the incident was discovered, we engaged outside forensic experts to assist us with the recovery of our systems and we conducted an investigation to attempt to determine the cause of the incident.

During their investigation, our experts did not identify any evidence of data copy, transfer, deletion or modification. We therefore have no reason to believe that any personal information which was on our systems would have been accessed or misused.

While incidents of this nature cannot always be prevented, we want to ensure you that we continue to strengthen the protection around these focus areas.

Privacy is a priority for us and that includes the protection of any sensitive or personal information.
Should you have any question, please reach out to:

Rob MacDonald
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers
888.399.3366 ext. #2