Thank you for your interest in CNAREA!

Information on this page is for designated appraisers looking to join CNAREA.

US Appraisers: Please forward your licensing documentation, resume and confirmation that your USPAP is up to date to

Designates Transferring to CNAREA:

*Please ensure there are no conflicts with the other associations that you are a member of  when considering joining a different association.*

  1. Please submit the online membership application along with confirmation of your current designation, resume, and a current Criminal Background check. The membership application can be found here: DAR Application Form.
  2. When the application is processed and approved you will receive a member number and you can then register for CNA100 Introduction to Appraisal standards (USPAP).
  3. You will be required to complete an orientation program Transferring Designates. The material covered will outline and describe what CNAREA expects of members when it comes to completing a report. There will be assessments with a minimum grade of 80%. Prior to enrolling in the orientation, you will need to have successfully completed the standards course indicated above.
  4. When CNA100 and the orientation program are successfully completed you will be in contact with PROLINK, our insurance broker, to arrange for E&O insurance.
  5. With insurance in place your DAR designation will be activated.

Please see our Price Guideline for membership and course fees: Price Guideline.