CNAREA’s Education program is an integral component for the acceptance of our Designations and the credibility of CNAREA Appraisers. We are continually asked by industry stakeholders about the education and continuing education processes that members are required to attain and maintain. As such, a great deal of time and resources goes into developing and delivering course content to ensure that members are trained to a level that clients and stakeholders, and the public expect. A vital part of the learning process are exams and the confirmation that all members fully understand the content that is being covered.

During meetings of the Board of Directors, Education updates are presented, and procedures and processes are reviewed. At recent meetings, the Board reviewed how exams are delivered, marked, and when needed, retaken. It was determined that an updated policy was required and with the Board’s input we are initiating the following:

Successful Completion of Courses and Exam Rewrites

  • To obtain credit for a CNAREA course, members must obtain a grade of 80% or higher.
  • Should a member not be successful in their first attempt of any CNAREA course except CNA209, USPAP Review, the following will apply:
  1. For Correspondence/Distance courses: upon receiving notification that they were not successful in their first attempt at the exam the member must rewrite the exam within two weeks of receiving notification.
  2. For classroom/virtual courses: If the exam grade is between 70% and 80% the member is eligible to write the exam a second time. The member can take the exam rewrite no sooner than 60 days following completion of the original exam.
  3. All exam rewrites are $250.00 or an amount equal to the course cost, whichever is less.
  4. If the exam grade is less than 70% the member will have to retake the entire course again at full cost. The course can be retaken the next time it is offered.
  5. With respect to CNA209, USPAP Review, should a member not successfully complete the exam they will have to take and successfully complete CNA102, Introduction to Appraisal Standards, to meet the USPAP update requirement. The full course (CNA102) can be taken immediately after the member did not successfully pass the CNA209 Exam and must be completed within 60 days. No further CE credits will be given.
  • If members are not successful in their second attempt at an exam or course the following will apply to the specific courses indicated:
  1. For Correspondence/Distance courses the member must complete the entire course again at full cost.
  2. For CNA210 Report Writing Update, members will have to retake CNA205, Completing Residential Reports, and any other course(s) set out by the Education Director the next time they are offered, at full cost; no further CE credits will be given.
  3. For CNA310 Certified Appraisal Reviewer Update, members will have to complete remedial education as set out by the Education Director. Courses must be taken the next time they are offered and will be at full course cost. Once the remedial education is completed the member will be eligible to rewrite CNA310. Should the member not be successful in their third attempt, the Certified Appraisal Reviewer Designation will be removed.
  4. For all other courses not listed above, the member must take the course again at full cost.
  • To receive the DAR designation, members must successfully complete the final exam by attaining 80% or higher.  Should a member not attain 80% on the DAR designation exam they are eligible to take a second attempt the next time the exam is scheduled, for a cost of $250.00.  Should a member not be successful in their second attempt at the DAR exam the Education Director shall determine what courses need to be taken prior to writing the exam again. The courses prescribed by the Education Director will be at full cost and no additional CE Credits will be given.
  • Education and panel review/examination for the DAC designation is currently under review.
  • For Quebec members the policy indicated above only applies to those members that are not CEGEP students.

Despite these changes, we note that the Education material has not changed and therefore the exam questions continue to be at the current level of difficulty.

It is imperative to ensure that all appraisal concepts are fully understood by members and this knowledge is reflected in the quality of the work being produced by CNAREA Designated Appraisers.

Should you have any questions please contact Rob MacDonald at 888.399.3366 Ext. 2 or

Updated October 2020