Advancing to a Designation

Click on a Designation below to see which courses you require to advance to that designation:

Designated Appraiser Residential (DAR)
(Candidate members will advance to the DAR designation)

Designated Appraiser Commercial (DAC)

Certified Appraisal Reviewer
(DAR members can advance to the Reviewer & DAC designations)

Please read and understand our Education Expectations & Guidelines before pursing our education.

  • Associate Members can register for eligible correspondence courses. Click here.
  • **We are not accepting Candidate Non-Fee applications until further notice.**

We do not offer 1 course for someone to become an appraiser. We are not a school or a program you graduate from. CNAREA is a not for profit Association. The courses we offer are for our members who are real estate appraisers. We offer current and practical training/information for our members so they can be the best at what they do. If you have no experience and no appraisal designations, you will start as a Candidate member (CM) and are required to complete all our training (courses) as well as training with your supervisor (field experience) before you will advance to a Designated Appraiser Residential (DAR). This process will take a minimum of 2 years and could take up to 4 years to complete.

Course Descriptions