Advancing to a Designation

Click on a Designation below to see what you require to advance to that designation:

Designated Appraiser Residential (DAR)
(Candidate members will advance to the DAR designation)

Designated Appraiser Commercial (DAC)

Certified Appraisal Reviewer
(DAR members can advance to the Reviewer & DAC designations)

Course Descriptions

*Only CNAREA members are granted access to enroll in our courses. Please see How to become a Real Estate Appraiser if you are not yet a member*

Asynchronous Learning

CNA100 – Introduction to Appraisal Standards (eUSPAP)

CNA140 – Ethics (update every two years)

CNA141 – Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis

CNA142 – Introduction to Residential Construction

CNA112 A Guide to Residential Appraising (not available at this time)

Online/Zoom Courses

CNA110 – Introduction to Real Estate Appraising (6 days)

CNA120 – Sales Comparison & Cost Approaches (5 days)

CNA130 – CNA130 Advanced Residential Appraisals (6 day)

CNA200 – USPAP Review (every 2 years)

CNA220 – Report Writing Update (every 2 years)

CNA211 – Highest and Best Use Analysis (not available at this time)

CNA212 Understanding Depreciation (not available at this time)

CNA222 – Banking Fundamentals (not available at this time)

CNA310 – Certified Appraisal Reviewer Program (2 Day course for members who want to obtain the Designation)

CNA330 – Appraisal Reviewer Update (1 Day course for existing designated Certified Appraisal Reviewer to renew their designation – completed every 4 years.)