Candidate Training Requirements

All courses are now completed in Cohorts.

Depending on when a new membership application is approved, will determine which Cohort a Candidate will be a part of.

It is not permitted to take courses from different cohorts once you are assigned your cohort upon membership approval. Your space will be held for the courses within your assigned cohort. If you cannot attend or miss a course within your assigned cohort,  you will be moved to the next cohort schedule which will delay your progress of obtaining the DAR designation. A change in cohorts will only be permitted once, then your membership will be under review.

Any online/zoom course will start at 10AM – 6:00PM EST.

Please see below for the example schedule.

**All members are required to complete CNA100 Introduction to Appraisal Standards (USPAP) within 30 days of being a member. Must be completed before starting any other course.**

Please note, only members can be enrolled in a cohort, please ensure you also review how to become a real estate appraiser when considering courses and membership.

Completed within 30 days of being a Member

Course No.CostCourse Name
CNA100$500Introduction to Appraisal Standards (USPAP)

Cohort Courses

Course No.Course NameCost (subject to change)Course Type
CNA110Introduction to Real Estate AppraisingPart 1 $500
Part 2 $500
Asynchronous learning
CNA120Sales Comparison & Cost Approaches$1,5005 day online/zoom course
CNA140Ethics$350Asynchronous learning
CNA130Advanced Residential Appraisals$1,5006 day online/zoom course
CNA141Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis$275Asynchronous learning
CNA142Introduction to Residential Construction $500Asynchronous learning
DAR Exam$250At least 2 years field experience to challenge exam