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CNA202 – Residential Cost Approach

This 2 (two) day course is a comprehensive look at the cost approach to value. It includes basic cost approach theory and principles along with all aspects of depreciation. All methods of land valuation are explained in detail. Instruction in the use of the Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Manual includes two actual case studies […]


CNA206 – Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis

This 2 (two) day course instructs residential appraisers in the practice of statistics, real estate finance, and valuation modeling. The course includes basic principles and terminology along with terms of financing and realistic examples. It provides insight into the science of appraisal and shows the importance of statistics in the appraisal process. Course credit hours: […]

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CNA204 – Residential Income Approach

This 2 (two) day course presents a good basic overview of the valuation of small income producing properties. It provides a complete practical foundation upon which the appraiser can build effective appraisal methods necessary in the valuation of small and mixed use income properties. The course covers definitions and principles applicable to the valuation of […]

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CNA207 – Advanced Case Studies

This 2 (two) day course has been designed to teach residential appraisers the valuation of complex residential properties. It focuses on problem solving techniques for appraising residential properties that consist of more than just a single family residence. The course includes a recap of valuation fundamentals along with many practical case studies. Course credit hours: […]

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CNA210 – Report Writing Update

This 1 (one) day course reviews correct and practical methods of completing the form type residential appraisal report with emphasis on USPAP compliance. The course includes discussions on current issues as noted by lenders, and other industry stakeholders.  There is a review of both the Cost Approach and the Sales Comparison Approach, including methods of […]

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CNA208 – Appraising Complex Properties

This 2 (two) day course has been designed to raise the level of awareness of the scope of work involved with more complex valuation assignments. The course offers many different scenarios for discussion and includes significant case studies. This course is a prerequisite to enroll in the DAC program. Course credit hours: 16 Students must […]

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Online – DAR Exam – December 2, 2021

Registration will close 30 days before the scheduled exam dates. This will allow us time to review everything and ensure you’ve met all the requirements to write the Exam. All of the following requirements must be met to be considered to challenge the DAR exam: Have worked in the field full time for two years […]