Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

By becoming a member of CNAREA. Please see our How to Become A Real Estate Appraiser section.

Yes! As long as you successfully complete CNA100 USPAP, and have a supervisor to sign off your reports, you will be eligible to obtain insurance and start working.

The short answer is, no. You may be able to receive credit for some of our elective courses, but you will be required to complete the rest of our courses and fulfill the 2 year requirement alongside a Supervisor before you can write your DAR exam.

See: Education Requirements for DAR Designation

It varies per member but generally takes between 2 – 3 years.

A member of CNAREA who holds the Certified Appraisal Reviewer designation.

The best way to find a supervisor is to use our Search Tool: Find an Appraiser, or our Job Board. Search the areas you wish to work in, contact the members with the Reviewer designation, and find out if they are looking for candidates.

No, CNAREA does get involved in the business operations of our members and as such will not get involved in the hiring of new candidates.

A prospective member must submit the following, or their application will not be considered for review:

  • A Criminal Background Check (within 90 days of application)
  • Front of drivers license
  • Confirmation that he or she has successfully completed, at minimum, High School or equivalent
  • Work history, which usually is in the form of a resume

If the applicant is wanting to receive credit for specific courses or programs they must provide a description of the course or program as well as confirmation of successful completion.

Only appraisal related courses will be considered for credit towards the mandatory or core courses in the CNAREA education program.

With respect to appraisal courses from outside of CNAREA, please submit the course description and confirmation of the successful completion of the course in your membership application.

Other real estate related courses will be reviewed to determine if elective credits can be given.

The approximate cost of the education program is $6,600.00. This does not include membership fees and the cost of insurance.

Check out our Price Guideline.

All of our courses are now online.

See the DAR Exam Outline for more information.

Your Reviewer must sign your report when you are a Candidate member.

Be actively working with your DAR designation for at least 2 years and successfully complete the in class course: CNA310 Certified Appraisal Reviewer. You must take this course as a refresher every four years once you are a Reviewer.