Thank you for your interest in CNAREA!

Information on this page is for the general public who have an interest in the career of being a Real Estate Appraiser.

Being a Real Estate Appraiser can be rewarding and challenging and we are here to guide you and provide an ever evolving education platform to assist with your success.

*Please take some time to browse our website, as there is lots of opportunity to learn more in depth about our courses, events, announcements, and more*

Am I ready to be a Real Estate Appraiser?

  • I am at least 18 years of age or older with at least a secondary education diploma.
  • We recommend to everyone that they research first. Learn about the industry, see if it’s right for you. Contacting local appraisers and/or internet search are good ways to start.
  • Understand that the general public are not permitted to register for our courses. Only members.
  • Understand that to become a fully designated appraiser, there is a process, which all new members must follow. (See Education Requirements *below* and Becoming A Member)
  • Learn about our Education & Course Requirements. We’ve provided an education timetable that members must complete to advance to the Designated Appraiser Residential (DAR) designation. Are you able to commit to the time it takes to complete all of our courses? 
  • Check out our price guideline. Are you able to commit to the fees that are required as a member of CNAREA?
  • Understand that we have policies and bylaws, that all members must abide by.
  • Understand that CNAREA does not set your income. CNAREA is not your employer, we only educate and licence our members.
  • Have I checked out the FAQ page on this website? We answer even more questions here!
  • Do I have a job lined up? Contact our Certified Appraisal Reviewers to see who will hire you as a Candidate member. 
    • If you do not have a supervisor (Reviewer) lined up, you can join as a Candidate Non-Fee to start taking courses, but you will be expected to obtain a supervisor so you can get insurance and the experience of writing reports.
    • A supervisor (Reviewer) will be helpful, if you are new to the industry, when studying your courses. They will be the ones you learn from, and will guide you if you need assistance with course material.

I‘m ready! What’s next?

If you are interested and wanting to move forward with your career as a Real Estate Appraiser, you will need the following:

  • Criminal Record check –  must be current (within 90 days of submitting your application) and must be certified by police/RCMP
  • Current Resume
  • Education completion documentation (diploma/degree/transcripts of courses equivalent to our industry)
  • Non-Fee Disclosure – only if you are applying as a Non-Fee member
  • Submit our online New Membership Application.
**There is important information on every page that you are redirected to when you click on any of the above links. Please read thoroughly so you do not miss any additional requirements that may be mentioned.*