DARs, DACs, Reviewers, Candidates

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We’re at it again. Because we just can’t help ourselves.

Great West Appraisal is expanding its team and has immediate roles in several areas for DARs, DACs, Reviewers and Candidates.

If you are an independent subcontractor DAR or DAC looking for new and exciting opportunities, we need you.

If you are a Reviewer and looking to expand your services in areas that you are locally competent, we need you.

If you are a candidate looking to gain some practical experience towards your designation, we need you.

If you are an owner operator of an individual office or you own a firm that has multiple appraisers and you’re thinking about an exit strategy, let’s have a chat.

Great West Appraisal is an industry leader. We provide independent appraisers the best fee splits, the flexibility to say no, and the tools to help you get more done.

If you are looking to be part of an amazing team that has proven time and time again to treat everyone fairly, call Brad at 250.344.0305. I look forward to hearing from you.