New – DAR Exam & Process – Revised

We have some news we are ready to share with everyone!

We have made an overhaul to the existing DAR exam (English program) and its procedures. Up until recent, we were allowing members who were ready to write their DAR exams, choose an approved Proctor to write it under. They had 3 hours for each (2) parts to complete the exam, which included 117 questions. Some Proctors charged a fee, some didn’t. Travel expenses and time out of your day was required.

NOW, we are taking the opportunity to transition to online learning, and we have made available our new DAR exam online too.

What you can expect:

All requirements to register for the exam must be met (no change);

  1. Have worked in the field full time for two years as a Candidate member
  2. Have completed all the mandatory courses (list here:
  3. Have the approval, that you’re ready to take the exam, from your supervisor
  4. Submit 2 reports to to be reviewed and approved
  5. Pay invoice of $250.00 (plus tax). Invoice will be emailed to you through PayPal and shall be paid no later than 1 week before the scheduled exam date.
  6. Registration will close 30 days before the scheduled exam dates. This will allow us time to review and ensure you’ve met all the requirements to write the Exam.

New: Exam dates will be scheduled in the Events Calendar for the following dates: September 3, December 3, February 4, and May 6th. (More will be scheduled throughout the year).

New: Exam allotted time will start at 1PM EST. If you sign into the Zoom session after 1PM, this may reduce the amount of time you have left to complete the exam. It is advised to join the Zoom session and ensure you have proper access to the Exam up to 15-30 minutes ahead of time.

New: There will be five (5) hours allotted to complete your DAR exam, which consists of a series of six (6) timed exams totaling four (4) hours. We allotted five (5) hours to allow for a break, if needed.

New: The six (6) exam topics and times are:

  1. USPAP (20 minutes)
  2. Case Studies (80 minutes)
  3. Sales Approach (30 minutes)
  4. Income Approach (20 minutes)
  5. Site Valuation & Cost Approach (30 minutes)
  6. General Principles (60 minutes)

New: The exam questions in each topic will be randomly generated each time a member writes/rewrites the exam.

New: Once you Begin an exam (each of the 6), a timer will start and you will only have that allotted time to complete it. SO, if you need a break between exams, you would wait to click Begin Exam in the next topic. You can challenge each segment in any order you like, however once you begin an exam segment you must complete that segment.

New: You will be required to join the Zoom session that will be emailed to you. A working webcam and audio will be required. We will be your Proctor.

Your exam grade will not be visible once you complete the exam. We will contact you as soon as we can with your grade and mail you a DAR certificate if you passed. You will be required to upgrade your insurance coverage to reflect your new designation before you can use it on a report.

If you have any questions, please let us know. This is still new to us too, so we are learning together. So far, this has been successful. We look forward to working with you!