New Member Membership Fees

November 10, 2020

*For all designations, not including Associate members or Retired members.*

Effective immediately, at any point, between May 1st – September 15th, you can opt to pay the full amount of $900, OR you may choose our installment plan.

Installment Plan:

  • Initial Payment: $350 (May 1st)
  • 2nd Payment: $300 (July 1st)
  • 3rd Payment: $300 (October 1st)

*If your application is approved after the initial payment, and before the 3rd payment, you will be invoiced for the installments that have already passed, and the remaining will be due on the above dates. (ie: approved July 6th, invoice will be due on July 6th for installments 1 & 2 = $650, and the 3rd installment of $300 will be due on October 1st.) *

If your application is approved after September 15th – December 15th, the full fee of $900 will be due.

No application will be process between December 15 – 1st business day of January.

If your application is approved between the first business day of January – April 30, the fee is prorated to $450.

Anyone not on the payment plan will renew their membership annually no later than May 31st of each year for $900. You may choose either the payment plan or full amount each renewal year.

*Taxes are included at checkout and on the invoices*