General List of our Fees

*All invoices and course registrations are issued/processed through PayPal. CNAREA does not collect credit card information, process credit cards or offer automatic withdrawal payments. It is the responsibility of the invoiced party to make payment.*

Initial Membership Fee:

New Member Fee Guide


Membership Renewals: $1095

Membership Renewal: $350 – Associate & Retired members only

Cohort Courses:

Candidate Training Program

Asynchronous Courses:

CNA100 USPAP – Introduction to Appraisal Standards: $500

CNA140 Ethics: $350

CNA141 Fundamentals of Statistical Analysis: $275

CNA142 Introduction to Residential Construction: $500

CNA230 CNAREA Principles for Transferring Designates: $275

CNA320 Single Candidate Supervisor Orientation: $250

Online/Zoom Courses:

CNA310 Certified Reviewer Course: $800

1 Day Courses: $275

2 Day Courses: $500

DAR Exam: $250

Exam Rewrite: $100

*taxes are added at checkout*


Insurance is quoted by and paid to PROLINK (or your chosen insurance provider). CNAREA does not issue quotes or take payment for your insurance coverage. All designated members (DAR & CM) are required to obtain Errors & Omission insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage and provide proof of insurance to CNAREA annually.