CNA102 – USPAP 2020-2021 – *Final Exam*


The time counter for the exam begins when you press the Start Exam button. You will receive one hour to complete this exam.

You will first see your timer, then the Question Overview Table, and a Review Question & Exam Summary option. Under these options are your exam questions.

To complete the exam, you can answer the questions in the order they appear, or by skipping questions than going back to the unanswered ones.

  • as you select an answer for each question, the box with the question number in the Question Overview Table will change to the colour gray.
  • if you are unsure of an answer to a question, you can skip it and the box will stay white or,
    • you can click Review Question and the box will change to the colour yellow.
  • when you answer the last question, you will click Exam Summary and will see if any questions still need to be answered.
    • if any boxes are white or yellow at this time, you can select the box/es you still need to answer and select your answer for each.
  • you will need to click Exam Summary after any adjustments, to get to the Finish Exam option.

Once all boxes are green, you must click the Finish Exam button, to submit your exam. If you run out of time (once the timer ends), the exam will submit automatically with the answers you were able to complete. Your final grade will reflect the answers that were submitted.

*You will not be able to change your answers after you click Finish Exam.*

If you understand these instructions, and to start the final exam, please proceed by clicking Start Exam below.