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Sonny Shellard


Mark has been an appraiser since 2004, specializing in the residential sector including single family dwellings, acreages and multi-family dwellings of 4 units and under. Over the years he has gained experience in all facets of residential appraising.  Mark bought and ran his own appraisal company for 6 years before moving home to BC where he worked for CDC Inc. until he was able to open his new company, MBeck Appraisals.   He has completed current and retrospective market value estimates on all types of residential properties -cottages, condos, cooperatives, vacant lots, million dollar+ properties and hobby farms, in a rural and urban context. He has lived in and completed appraisals in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, as well as having spent time North West Territories in a wide variety of real estate assets. Mark has the Designated Appraisal Residential (DAR) and Certified Appraiser Reviewer designations from the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers. Mark is continually advancing his knowledge of the industry through educational courses and stays up to date with current market trends.

Contact Information
Email: mark@mbeck.ca
Phone: 778-350-0145
1399 Epsom Close, Victoria, BC, Canada V8P 5S8